Kyle and Britne where both born and raised in the Rathdrum area. Kyle grew up on his dad’s grass seed farm, and at his mom’s horse boarding facility. Britne grew up on her parent’s “hobby farm” and has always had a passion for horses. Kyle and Britne met in 1998 and then married in 2001. We worked a small patch of hay shortly after being married. Then in 2002 we moved to Northwest Nevada to work on a 5,000 acre farm. Where we received most of our know how for hay. In 2005 we moved to Eastern Washington and worked on a dry land wheat and cattle farm. Then in 2008 we moved back to the farm Kyle grew up on and changed it all over to hay. In 2011 our daughter was born and then our son in 2012. Our hay operation has changed a lot since 2008. What really sets us apart is our ability to change and incorporate non traditional ways of handling hay.